3 Ways to Set Better Goals

By Mairead Rodgers, RD, PHEc, CF L1 Trainer

Goal setting is something we do all the time at Degree. Whether it’s a new movement you want to learn or something that’s going to improve your quality of life, we’re all about goals! But how do we go about setting better goals? Goals that we’ll be excited and motivated for, and want to actually reach?
Knowing that fall and back-to-school gets people in that goal-setting state of mind after the summer, it’s time to break down 3 ways you can set better goals.

  1. Set goals you actually want to work on. Don’t pick goals based on what your friends, coaches, or anyone else thinks you should do. Pick goals that you see value in and want to work on. Whether it’s learning to do a handstand or improving your nutrition to reduce your cholesterol, the goal has to be important to you, and you alone.
  2. Set goals that are an action, not an outcome. The goal of “losing weight” is the best example of this. Weight loss is not an action, so it can’t be a goal. Getting to the gym and eating a half plate of veggies at dinner every night are actions that will contribute to the outcome of losing weight. Actions are things you can consciously do. Outcomes are things that happen when you do the actions. Choose action goals that align with the outcomes you want.
  3. Talk about your goals and ask for help. If your goal is fitness or nutrition related, we definitely want to know about that so we can help you. If it isn’t, it’s still important to talk about your goals. Talking about your goals with people who support you keeps you accountable and can be a great sounding board to make sure your goals are reasonable. 

So I want to know: what are your goals as summer comes to an end? Let me know, and let me know how we at Degree can help you!
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