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Hayley McMahon

“I have gained so much from loosing this weight. I have gained my confidence back that I lost a long time ago and such happiness everyday in everything. I am so much stronger than I’ve ever been before and love coming to the gym everyday to push myself and see what I can do! I never wanted to go anywhere because I don’t want people to see me. I was ashamed of who I’d become and I was happy with being lazy. I didn’t start CrossFit hoping to loose weight I wanted to get fit and become healthier and I hoped that in time the weight loss would come. Now I can’t wait to go out places! I now hang my head high instead of avoiding eye contact with anyone I may know. I owe ALL of this to the best Coaches ever Kaleda and Kelly for pushing me always cheering me on and Nutrition Coach Mairead because without eating healthy this wouldn’t be possible!”

Hayley’s Stats:


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Jackie Fritzley

Jackie is a committed, inspiring, down to earth, kind hearted, work hard kinda member. We all start some where, read on to let Jackie tell you her story:

I first started at Degree when Kaleda had a gym in her garage. I had heard so many good things about it at the time, I was ending my physiotherapy from a car accident, so I needed something else to keep me going.

It was the BEST decision I made.

That was about 2.5 years ago. Of course I was nervous, I didn’t really understand what CrossFit was about, but I guess I was ready to find out.

Along my journey, I have learned proper movements, pushing myself, getting new PR’s, participating in THE OPEN and The FESTIVUS Games (actually won a medal with my partner Sandi Henderson), trying Bootcamp classes (which I highly recommend), learning about food for fuel and macros through the awesome Nutrition Coach (shout out to Mairead), finally being able to do a double under and doing about 10 in a row, and I could really go on and on.

The atmosphere was welcoming right from the start and the people I have met along the way are amazing. What you learn about yourself along the way is also remarkable, gives you a new outlook on life and being accountable, not only to myself but to my peeps at DEGREE!

We not only encourage each other at every WOD but we welcome new people and make them feel welcome, because that is what the happiest place in Seaforth does! Don’t get me wrong, there are days that I don’t want to get out of bed, or I pushed myself to much the day before and now I am sore all over, but I made a commitment to myself to show up everyday and do my best (whatever that is that day).  And I can’t say enough about the coaches; what a fabulous group!  No matter who you have coaching, they are all amazing and help you modify if needed or encourage you when you just added 5 more pounds to your bar to get a new PR!

I think the most satisfying part of my journey, is now having my boys and husband do CrossFit to.  They are all loving it!  The Spartan’s program for youth is second to none and highly recommend this if you have ever thought about sending your child to CrossFit, they learn so many great things about their ability and every time they come home, they instantly tell me how much faster they were than the last time, how much they could deadlift or back squat, it is truly inspirational to see them so enthusiastic about it.

Making that first step into Degree CrossFit will be the best decision you ever made for you personal health and well-being. I know it was mine.

Mary Jane Greidanus

Why did you do a Nutritional Program?

My journey to better health started when I stumbled upon Degree CrossFit Seaforth on Facebook when a nutrition challenge was posted. I had reached a point in time it was do something or continue on and sooner or later start medication to keep control of health issues and arthritis that started creeping in. It was a nerve racking leap to even go but I have never looked back after I started and finished that first challenge, and then on to the On-Ramp Program for CrossFit.  I found a place that worked for me that not only allows everyone to work at a safe pace for you but where others encourage each other no matter what level you are at! After doing several different Nutrition Challenges DEGREE offered the continuing Nutritional Program that sounded interesting to try out to help keep me on track and not slip back to old habits between challenges.

My goal when I started this was to learn more about what made up a healthy diet and portion sizing compare to what I thought I was doing right and wrong. I wanted something that would develop into healthy and normal eating habits that would be sustainable in the long term in addition to a regular workout schedule. This also needed to work with making meals for the rest of the family without having to make 2 separate menus every day. Now I am working on working on better meal planning to get the macro-nutrient numbers in line for me and not just winging it and struggling at the end of the day to make them work. I still cook some things different for myself but that is a choice I decided works best for me. Some days they don’t get a choice and just eat what I make or make your own!

I didn’t know what to expect with the initial Nutrition Consultation, but Mairead simply asked the questions to see where I was at its my eating and cooking habits. I could see what I was doing ok at and where things could be improved. I then started with a sample menu to work on that would give me an idea for planning and tracking what I ate. The next meeting a few weeks later allowed us to go over a menu plan designed for my own personal macro-nutrient numbers to hit each day and ideas of how to meet these goals. Mairead created a Personalized Nutrition Plan with foods that I liked to eat, with options to try other things to expand on. The first few weeks were hard since I was a last minute planner for meals and never tracked what I ate unless I had to for a challenge. I also felt like if I didn’t do it right I was failing and would get upset with myself for messing up. Over time I learned it’s never going to be perfect just do the best I can and when I slip up, to get over it and get back on track ASAP! A menu plan is a guide to work from and to adjust to keep me on track. It has been a bit of work to get all the macro-nutrients in each day, but that is where daily planning falls into place, so that I know before I eat it how it will fit in the entire daily planning not just right now. Just like getting into a regular fitness routine I need to make the time to plan ahead to stay on track. It will always be a work in progress but I am slowly getting used to it and I does keep me aware of what I eat. When I do go off track I feel how it affects my body more then I thought it did so that does help me want to continue this journey of healthy eating.

What successes have you seen?

From the start it was to lose weight and get in better shape physically, so yes both have been successful at this point, but it is a continuous journey that will keep changing as life changes. The unseen changes are so much more. I feel better, both physically and mentally. It has built up better self confidence as I see progress. Sometimes it takes a while to see it myself but eventually I see and feel it. I can work most days without being overly sore for the rest of the day. No more heartburn. At my last Doctor’s appointment all the blood work came back into the safe range; eventually that might change due to my genetics but the goal is to stay away from medications for as long as I can.

Bright Spots

There are lots but the best at this point was going dress shopping for my son’s wedding this summer. It was fun!  I always hated clothes shopping as I didn’t like how things looked or fit. This time dresses I would have picked before I didn’t like on and th ones I never would have even tried on let alone come out of the dressing room actually fit and felt good on!

What’s next?

To continue tracking to keep my macro-nutrient numbers on track. Better meal planning is a work in progress, yes it is work but in the end it is paying off.  I want to see how what I eat and exercise work together to improve my overall health and fitness!

I am happy that I took a chance with Degree CrossFit! Thanks to the team at Degree CrossFit Seaforth this journey to a better me!


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Angela Gerretsen

“I became curious about Degree Crossfit after seeing some amazing transformations in members of the club and thought,  it’s in Seaforth, I have to give it a try!  I started off a bit nervous and uncertain about what to expect but very quickly felt welcomed and supported.  I have never participated in a fitness program where there was so much attention to individual needs, proper form and injury prevention (even though I still need daily reminders to drive my knees out, put more weight on my heels, etc).   The combination of passionate coaching and the positive energy of the members creates an atmosphere of support with so many laughs along the way.  I am amazed at all the different workouts.  I am not sure how Kaleda comes up with them all.  Crossfit has made me realize that changing things up, working on proper form and  continuing to show up results in increased strength, endurance and flexibility.  My biggest achievement was  realizing that although I am getting older, I can continue to get stronger.

Thank you so much Kaleda and all the coaches and members  for providing such a great fitness experience!”






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Sandi Henderson

I was unhappy with the way I looked and felt. I was horribly overweight and hated to go shopping for clothes as I hated how I looked in anything. My mother died at the age of 55 from cancer, a tumour in the fat pad of her stomach. She was overweight and didn’t exercise. I have four children and I was coming up to 50 and didn’t want this to happen to me. I was time for a change in life, and after hearing about Kaleda and her CrossFit classes, I was game to try it!

My first impression was, I was scared silly, wondered “What have I gotten myself into?” , “Was I too old for this?”, “Will I feel out of place?”. I was embarrassed of how I looked, I didn’t want to go to class with people who were younger and in shape and did CrossFit with ease! OnRamp was the best because there were others just like me! But them you attend classes with everything I feared, boy was I wrong! You go to class, they don’t stand there and stare at you ’cause you’re new, they’re busy doing their thing. I had to remember they all started where I did! I absolutely love going to class, you’re not judged on what you look like, what level of fitness you’re at, you’re welcomed with open arms, encouraged by everyone and cheered on to succeed to your next level. I’m not athletic by any means, but they didn’t care. All that mattered was I was there to make a difference in my life!

My first Bright Spot was when I was doing my OnRamp, I did the “Day 1” workout in 18 minuted and 10 seconds, I thought I was going to die! Then we had to repeat it on day 12- I did it in 9 minutes and 10 seconds! I did it! I didn’t die, I did it!

After completing the 30-Day Clean eating challenge and loosing weight and leaning to eat and make healthy choices, Right now I’m working on maintaining that. I’m working on stopping to doubt myself on what I’m capable of lifting and pushing myself to the next level, it’s okay to take myself out of my comfort zone and to “Trust the Process”!

I’m not sure I have a favourite Degree CrossFit Seaforth memory! The whole new journey I’m on with Kaleda at Degree has been the best, the absolute best time of my life! It’s been filled with lots of laughter, challenges, set backs, new friendships, and of course PB’s (personal bests). I won’t lie, it’s hard, damn hard, but it’s the pride you feel in succeeding. Whether it’s doing your first Double Under, lifting a heavier weight, doing push ups not on your knees, entering your first competition, or just completing a challenging workout. It’s knowing the faith and knowledge Kaleda has for you, that “yes, Sandi, you can do it” that keeps me coming back. I’m just so dang happy with how I feel and look that I feel everyone should experience this! I know I couldn’t have done it without Kaleda, she has a purpose in life and its to help everyone achieve their goals in getting and maintaining a healthier life. She rocks!

-Sandi Henderson