Written By:  Mary Jane Greidanus
How often when you start something like a new workout routine or working on improving your eating habits or increasing your water  intake do you hear “I did so great at first but …. (add in whatever excuse you have, I’m sure we have used them all)?

We all do so great at first but usually slowly but surely to slip back to old routines we wanted to get away from…

Accountability is one of the best ways to help us stick to our plans! When we have someone either checking up on what we said we would do or encouraging us along when we are struggling to accomplish what we set out to do, we are more apt to stick with our goals.At Young at Heart Fitness  we meet once a week for our workout. We learn the movements for the day, practice them and then do a workout.Everyone is encouraged to work at the skills they are capable of and at a pace that works for them!
 If something doesn’t work for you, we try to find a way that safely does work or we change the movement for one that works the same muscles!In that hour we work hard and have fun at the same time. We get to know each other and there is a lot of laughter as the hour progresses =)One hour a week is a good start in our fitness journey, so, keep up the efforts we are putting in we hand out HOMEWORK! A short workout you can do at home to encourage you to keep working on staying active throughout the week ahead.

But how do we get ourselves to do the homework?One way is to hold each other accountable for doing that through our private Facebook page where we can connect with each other and hold each other accountable.It is also where we can find our HOMEWORK for the week if we missed out class or misplaced our paper work!When we hold each other accountable and check in with each other there is a better chance that we will do what we set out to do. 

Often before class begins we are asking each other how we did or if we did our homework. So even if we didn’t make a comment on the page we are still checking in with each other, encouraging each other on this journey to a better you!
 We have a great group at Young At Heart who have fun while build each other up both physically and emotionally as well.  
 Your next 6 week session beings Monday, June 24th! 
These amazing classes are designed for those 50+ to kick start your healthy habits, and continue to be the happy, healthy, Young at Heart individuals you are!
(not for you, but know someone else that could use a little accountability? Forward this email to them!)
 Email for more information.Or phone 519-441-7492 leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible!

See you soon!
Coach MJ

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