Join us at HIIT Bootcamp

Seaforth, Ontario's premier bootcamp class

Our knowledgeable Coaches will lead you through 30 minute classes, filled with total body movements specifically designed to help you burn fat, build lean muscle and bring out the Rockstar that you are!
This class is open to the entire community – no matter your fitness level. We utilize body-weight movements, kettlebells and dumbbells during each session, as well as work to improve our overall flexibility and mobility.
There is no On Ramp program required, just you and your friends! This program will run for only 8 weeks starting on October 2nd.
We all start somewhere, make your beginning HIIT Bootcamp to see and feel the results!
Two 30 minute work outs per week on Tuesdays and Thursday starting on October 2nd, 2018
5pm for 30 minutes
$95 + HST/ month
You and your friends! No experience needed!
Why Bootcamp Classes?
Time friendly – Class is only 45 minutes. Get in and get out with all the elements of a solid workout included (warm up, skill work, workout and a cool down)
Group atmosphere – Working out alone is lonely, working out in a group is fun! Having your friends around to cheer you on, or just feed off each other’s energy allows us to reach our full potential.
Specific programming for specific results – You want to burn fat and build muscle? Your Coach has specifically programmed each class to do just that utilizing HIIT training

Contact Kelly!

We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

Notes: There are no partial memberships or refunds. All information regarding memberships can be found in our Athlete Policies document. This will be reviewed with each individual as needed, or upon any questions that come up.