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We’ve just spent the whole month of March competing here at Degree CrossFit Seaforth. Everyone has pitched in, inspired each other, cheered each other on, and most of all WE HAD FUN!

People have likely asked you “why” you wanted to do something as crazy as CrossFit or even why you would want to compete in the first place… we do it to improve our health, our fitness, our lives…. but more importantly, we do it because it makes us happy! What is life if it’s not full of joy?

Over the next 4 weeks I’m going to challenge you to give back the joy you find at Degree CFS. Take a look at the challenges below, but don’t worry- we’ll remind you each week of what the challenge is.


  1. Buy someone a coffee this Wednesday. When you go through the drive through at Timmy’s or stop at Janet’s, leave a little extra there for the next person that comes in! Imagine, all 80 of us buying 80 extra cups of coffee for strangers, what the town would be buzzing about and all the happiness we could spread!
  2. Do something nice for your Neighbour. Bake something, bring them flowers, look after their kids while they go for a date night, help them with their garden, take them out for dinner, write them a card, leave an anonymous gift… the ideas are endless!
  3. Pick your next one, don’t spend too much time or money, just do it.
    1. Drop off flowers or a game to a hospital or nursing home
    2. Open the phone book, Pick a name and send them something, movie tickets, gift card, lotto ticket etc
    3. Write a thank you card to a co-worker that deserves it
    4. Write a thank you note to local police or firefighters
    5. Make a Donation to a charity
    6. Compliment someone Randomly
    7. The ideas are endless!
  4. Teach 1 person how to squat. You know, a real squat: hips back and down, heels weighted SQUAT! Teach a stranger, your best friend, your mom, your brother, ANYONE! Take a picture, put it on Facebook tag yourself and Degree CrossFit Seaforth. Do this, and we’ll make up a special gift certificate for them for a special event! 

For most of these tasks you’ll want to remain anonymous, because that’s the beauty of these random acts of kindness! While the recipients may not know who or what is behind this movement, WE DO! and it will make us feel good to be behind something so great! So let’s identify ourselves without sharing specifics:

There is a photo on the Degree CrossFit Facebook photo stream that you can use (or use the one below)! Tag yourself in it, and use it as your Facebook Profile picture. When your friends ask what the heck it means, tell them. Maybe we’ll start a landslide, maybe confetti will rain from the sky, or maybe we’ll simply make someone’s day.. which is pretty darn awesome, yes?


Fit it Forward





Thanks to Chris Cooper from CrossFit Catalyst for this unreal idea

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We’ve added to our staff again!


Michelle Burns- Joy Girl (aka Client Services Rep)

Degree CrossFit Seaforth is growing again! We are so pleased to announce that Michelle Burns will be joining us on Staff as our “Joy Girl”! In boring terms- she’s our Client Services Rep; she is mostly responsible for JOY though! She’s the one who will send you awesome post cards when you reach a PR, or when you buy a house or have a baby. You’ll hear her voice when you haven’t been to the gym in a while- and she will genuinely care why. She’s in charge of happiness and joy in the gym.

Read more about Michelle here : Joy Girl Michelle

Please join me in welcoming Michelle B to the DCFS Team!

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Adeline McInally!

There are so many reasons that Adeline deserves this award… to name a few, she showed up for every single WOD of the Open and gave each one her absolute best! She is our oldest athlete at Degree CrossFit Seaforth, and she give the young bucks a serious run for their money every single workout. On this particular workout, she wanted to quit multiple times… but she didn’t, she persevered and stuck with it!

I think it would be a serious understatement to say that we are proud of you, Adeline. We are so inspired by you!



16.5 Open Workout


Thrusters (95/65)

Over the Bar Facing Burpees


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Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 9.03.02 AM
The next OnRamp Program will start on Wednesday, March 30th! This program consists of 8 x 1 hour classes and will run at either 6:30am or 7:30 pm, and you can choose whichever time works best for you!
This program will teach you the fundamental movements of CrossFit. It will teach you how to move safely and efficiently in the gym and in life. It will help you build strength and stamina. This program is taught by a highly trained CrossFit Coach who will teach you and help you through the whole program.
You can find the Schedule here: Schedule of Classes
** Be sure to forward to March 30th and look at the classes labelled “OnRamp” and are green in colour
Follow the link below to get started!

Group OnRamp Sign Up

*Please note that if classes are missed, you may make an appointment to reschedule that class at an additional cost with the coach.

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This is the short talk that Coach Kaleda gave at this years “Be You be Fabulous: II” event on March 3rd.


My name is Kaleda Connell and I am the owner, operator, head coach, but mostly the janitor of Degree CrossFit Seaforth.

Before we get started I want everyone to close their eyes.

I want you to think about something that makes you happy. It can be an event in the past, a place, a favourite sport, a feeling, a person or a group of people, you kids, or your job. Whatever its is, picture it, and remember it because we’re going to come back to it later.

Today I want to touch on something that is talked about in the media more now than ever- the desire look OR NOT LOOK a certain way, or like someone else. This is something I hear almost every single day in my gym. It comes in many ways, and worded differently every time, and I’ll give you some examples;


“I want to lose x amount of pounds”

“She’s too ….”    Bulky, looks like a man, fat, skinny, tall, short….

“I would never want to look like that”


The pressure to BE or look a certain way affects all of us, and is affecting young girl as you as 5-6 year old- and I’d be willing to bet the same is true for boys

Did you know that only 4% of women around the world consider themselves as beautiful?

Studies will tell us that beauty magazines and advertisements are to blame for this, any you know what, maybe they are a little. BUT most of the advertisements aren’t going to change, and its time we stop blaming them for our own self loathing. Yes, I think we should always fighter for more representative bodies on magazines, but do I think these advertisements are solely to blame? No

The truth is that our susceptibility to this phenomenon of perfection that we see in magazines is not based on the images we see, but actually on our own phycology.

The sad thing is that there are women out there, and I’d be willing to bet there are some here tonight that are spending their precious psychological resources focusing on how their lives might be different if their body looked different.

I blows my mind, and makes me quite sad that there are women out there that have all sorts of cool things to offer, women who have great personality, intelligence, ideas, jobs, etcetera, but are completely and hopelessly consumed by loathing of there bodies and wish to be thinner, leaner or more beautiful in some way.

I want you to go back to the thing that made you happy that we talked about when I first come out here.

-What do you imagine would be different if you were thinner, hips were smaller, arms more muscular or your abs defined?

-How do you imagine your life would change if you had another body?

-Would you be any funnier, intelligent, a better athlete, mother, wife, friend?

-What do you imagine would be different in your life versus where you are right now?

Now I want you to think a little differently about yourself and others. The next time you catch yourself wishing you looked a little different, remind yourself of thing things that you are awesome at that aren’t dependant on the way that you look. The next time you catch yourself judging the body shape or composition of others, wonder instead about their abilities. Since my life is focused around athletes, I find myself thinking about how fast a person can run, or how high they can jump, or how strong they might be.

Start loving yourself for what your brain and body can do, instead of what it looks like. Stop bullying yourself and your thoughts of others and start thinking in Bright Spots.

Bright Spots are something that we focus on at Degree CrossFit. Every Friday is something that we call Bright Spots Friday. We have a Bright Spots Board and we write on it during the week when we do something awesome. We create a thread on Facebook that everyone shares their bright spots on! Nothing is too small. My friend Dawn achieved her first pull up last week, a couple of weeks ago one of my newer athletes, Courtney, deadlifted 275lbs, and almost a month ago my very first athlete that I ever trained, Melissa, did her first workout post pregnancy. That stuff is awesome!! And guess what, it had nothing to do with how they looked.


Here is my challenge to you: Find your own Bright spots. Once a week, or once a day, write it down. Remember that for the rest of the day, and hang onto it. What went well? Were your kids well behaved? Did your husband help out with dinner? Did your dog only chew 1 newspaper this week? Did you run a little farther?



Why would you want to look like someone else, when you can be fabulous?





Sources: “Women, Body Image, and the Media: A New Emphasis“, Allison Belger, Psychology WOD & “CrossFit: Changing Women’s Perspective on Body Image“, Tabata Times