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Warm Up

Coach’s Choice


4 rounds of :

60 sec of hand release push-ups

60 sec of SDHP

60 sec of double unders

60 sec of wall balls

60 sec of shuttle sprints

60 sec rest

*score – what you are grateful for

Extra Credit

Max plank hold

hold a plank as long as possible

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Warm Up

Coach’s Choice




Every 4:00 x 4 sets

Run 400 meters

12 barbell front rack alternating step ups




Every 4:00 x 4 sets

12/18 cal row

15 G2OH with a plate (45,25)


Once sections are done grab a kettle bell for the final part


Kettle bell march in place x max reps (53,35)

*Score = slowest time for sections 1 and 2

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Wednesday WOD

Warm Up

Coach’s Choice



What’s your GOAT?

Pick 2 movements that you want to get better (ie your weaknesses!)

We all have them, even the most “seasoned” athlete. By working on what we can only get better, together!

Some examples

LIGHT Olympic lifting

Gymnastic static holds

Gymnastic movements

Single Skips/Double unders


Once decided, complete 3 warm up sets of this movement, gettig any scaling options in order, or ant equipment set up.


ODD minutes : Goat # 1

EVEN minutes : Goat # 2


Extra Credit

Farmer Carry with a partner

Max 100m trips

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Dynamic Warm Up

5 minutes of pose running drills



30 minutes on the clock with a partner

400m farmer carry

Remaining time: Max distance run/row

*One person works. Split however desired

*Score=total distance completed for run/row

Extra Credit

100 banded push downs


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Bergener Warm Up

  1. Down & up
  2. Elbows high & outside
  3. Muscle snatch
  4. Snatch land – dip & drive
  5. Snatch drop – no dip
  6. Snatch


Time-Minute Second

With a Partner:

Buy in Row 2K

2 Rounds of:

100 power snatch

100 wall balls

Cash out 300 double unders

Split work as needed.  One partner works at a time.