Couch 2 5km: Get outside!

Want to run your first 5k this year?

or just want to get OUTSIDE the gym for some fun?

The biggest hurdle for most people to get into running is not knowing where to start! We’ll help build up your endurance over a 6 week period with group runs and assign homework through the week so that you know exactly what to do! Like any other form of exercise, running needs to be practiced, with good technique and be built up slowly. Do it the other way, and you’re likely to feel pain 🙁

Learn to run with Kaleda and Mairead! Mairead is a seasoned runner who has completed long and short runs over her career such as “Around the Bay”, half-marathons, and even triathlons. Kaleda runs recreationally with her dog, and mostly just makes a lot of (bad) jokes.

Gather with you friends, and tackle this program … 100 meters at a time! Have no running experience? That’s okay- we’ve got you covered. Want to PR your 5km time- a plan is the best bet!

Wednesday Evenings at 6:30pm

Starting April 19th

6 Weeks including group runs and homework to do on your own (or with your running buddy)

$99 +HST

An awesome group of people, which makes all the difference! 

Register here! 


We will be finishing off this 6 week course with a 5 km fun run! A Dusk Dash, if you will! We’ll grab all our reflective gear, tight and bright swag, and glow sticks galore! We’ll also be raising money for charity! Details to follow.

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