These are the 3 things we aim for with our Nutrition Programs

  • Customized: no two people have the same goals, bodies, or life. Why would they have the same nutrition plan? Our Nutrition Coach gets to know you and uses all the information to help you make changes and goals that work for you. This also means you can be a current Degree member, someone from our local community, or anywhere else, and we can find a way to work with you!
  • Common Sense: there’s no fad diets, malarkey or fairy dust in our programs. Everything is based off of solid evidence and our Registered Dietitian helps cut through the confusion around nutrition. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably us.
  • Confidence: this is what we hope you gain, whether it’s confidence in yourself, your workouts, or confidence in knowing you’re fueling yourself properly. Our programs are all about giving you the tools and knowledge to keep being successful even after you leave the programs.

Have questions? Email our Registered Dietitian and she will answer any of your questions within 36 hours!

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Unsure about our nutrition programs or how they might fit into your goals and life right now? Book a Bite-Sized Nutrition Chat with our Registered Dietitian! This is a chance to chat about what you’re looking to get out of the programs and what your goals are, and then find the option that will best meet your goals. This is a no-pressure meeting; it’s just a chance to get to know you and for you to ask questions.

Nutrition Consult

One time fee

This includes:
-60-minute consultation to determine your goals with a Registered Dietitian
-Recommendations designed just for you, and next steps to help you reach your goals

Ongoing Nutrition Services: 

All Administered by a Registered Dietitian

OnGoing Nutrition Coaching

Customized Nutrition Plan
per month

This includes:

  • Fully customized nutrition program
  • In Person or Online Consultation (monthly)
  • Body Composition measurements (monthly)
  • Email Check-ins (weekly)
  • Unlimited support and guidance with your nutrition coach
  • Individualized areas of focus: Meal plan, meal prep, goal setting, grocery shopping, eating out, macronutrient goals, healthy habits, sports nutrition, weight loss, sustainability, etc

*you must complete the Personalized Nutrition plan program to be eligible for this Ongoing Program

Interested in a Nutrition Challenge?

Keep up to date using all three links below. We run nutrition challenges multiple times per year!