Degree CrossFit Seaforth is the areas premier spot for Athletic Development and Sports Enhancement. We work with athletes of every age and ability to improve their base athleticism, general physical preparedness and sport performance. Coach Matt has a rich history of sport training and human kinetics. He’s also a teacher in the area- so not only does he know athletes, but he knows how each of them learn! Coach Matt can tailer his Coaching style for any athlete no matter their physical or training age- he knows his stuff!

You can reach Coach Matt by filling out our contact form or emailing him at mattchaput@degreecrossfitseaforth.com

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Varsity Spartans: 1 x per week Tuesdays at 4:30pm starting on Sept 10, 2019

Varsity Spartans prepares teens for all-around athleticism. They get stronger, faster, more powerful, and more flexible. They learn about performance nutrition, and get set up to be an ‘athlete for life,’ whether within CrossFit, another sport (like hockey), or just a fitter adult.

Varsity also delivers valuable lessons about life: hard work, character, courage and overcoming adversity. Many call it “the sport for kids who don’t play sports,” because it’s also fun. 

Our groups produce athletes – even youth athletes- that have a wide skillset; are excellent at everything without specializing at a particular sport; and enjoy movement for its own sake.  In an inclusive atmosphere, workouts are ‘scaled’: kids and teens do challenges that are appropriate for their current level and age.  They participate as a group of individuals.  They learn trust, cohesion, self-accountability, and confidence unlike anything we’ve ever seen elsewhere.

Cost: $85+tx/month 

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