How personal does your nutrition need to be?

By Mairead Rodgers, RD PHEc

Is nutrition one-size-fits all?

Have you ever tried to follow what worked for someone else, only to find it absolutely does not work for you, in any way shape or form? Have you ever looked at a meal plan in a magazine and flipped right by because it wouldn’t work for your family or had too many foods you don’t like?

Me too!

No two people have the same needs, same goals, same food preferences, or the same life, so why should we all be trying to eat the same?

Sure, some things, like eating enough fruits and veggies and getting in enough water are pretty universal. But how we actually go about doing those can completely vary. Even things like how many calories, bottles of water, or grams of protein you need can be hugely different between individuals.

This is my absolute favourite part of working with nutrition clients: finding all about them so we can come up with strategies that will actually work for them, whatever their goals are. 

Here’s a non-exhaustive things that are helpful to know about when we’re talking about making any changes in nutrition: your goals, your age, your gender, your current weight (if it’s related to your goals), the foods you do and don’t like, how often you go grocery shopping, what you do for work and how that shapes your day, how many people (little people and grown ups) you have to feed on a daily basis, how you feel about your spending on food, how much you sleep and what times, what your physical activity habits look like right now (or what you’d like them to look like), any medications or supplements that you’re on, any medical conditions that could be helped by some food tweaks, and allergies or intolerances.

And that’s just the list off the top of my head. 

I’m constantly telling my clients that everyone is their own experiment of one, and no nutrition plans or strategies are going to be perfect for every person. But with a bit of coaching, we can find things that will work for YOU! It might take a little bit of trial and error, but finding the health food changes that make you happy, help with your goals, and that you can continue with long-term will make all the difference. 

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