I’m not a runner but I want to be.

By Mairead Rodgers, RD PHEc

Does this sound like you? Whether you’re someone who doesn’t feel like they run often or fast enough to be a “runner”, someone who wishes they didn’t hate running quite so much when it comes up in a WOD, or someone who’s always wanted to run a 5k or another race but has never trained for it, so many people have running goals, especially at this time of year when the weather is just starting to warm up. 

Being a runner is not based on speed or body size or how long you’ve been running or how far you can run. If you run, you are a runner. Period. That’s it. There’s no membership cards or anyone who can say “no, actually you’re not a runner, you’re just someone who runs”. I love running, and I realize that’s a weird thing to say. Running is something that makes me feel strong and happy and takes my stress away. I want to spread that to anyone else who wants that, and I want to help them get there. 

If you’re nodding along with me and want to become a runner, Running Club might be the perfect option for you! While it’s not just for beginners or people looking to get into running, it’s a perfect option if that’s where you’re at!

Why is it perfect for new runners?

  • We start easy. Nothing’s going to discourage a new runner more than not feeling like they can run far or fast enough, and we’re not into that. This is also a way to help avoid getting hurt!
  • We work through drills to make sure we’re all running with good form so we’re running efficiently (making it suck less) and not in a way that’s going to injure us.
  • We do some strength work to make sure that the muscles we need to run are in good shape. These are muscles we might not use as much if we’re not running much yet or that we don’t know we need for running. 
  • You run with a group! So many people are nervous to start running because they don’t want people to see them out running by themselves. Come run with some friends until you feel up to running on your own. 

Does this sound like the group for you? Click here for details and to get signed up! Or email maireadrodgers@degreecrossfitseaforth.com with questions or for more info!

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