Is it coffee? Redbull? That thing that website from Google said?…

Written By:  Kelly Miller
You’ve seen the headlines:

“Drink this drink and feel more invigorated!” “Make sure you get 15 hours of sleep a night!”

Just kidding, those are pretty outrageous – BUT – not unheard of!
 What is the secret to improving your energy levels? 
 First things first, let’s keep it simple. Hopfully you’re still reading and not completely bummed that it’s not a fancy supplement, or a super expensive, never before seen something.
 Water. Water. Water.
Did you know that most of us are in a perpetual state of dehydration? Whether minimal or extreme, most of us aren’t drinking enough water.
 For most people, a minimum of 2L, or 30-35ml per kg of bodyweight. Another way? Take your weight in pounds and divide it by 2 and aim to drink that much in ounces. 
Psst, email for more info on that!
How do I get more water in?
Keep it simple.

We just ended our April Nutrition Challenge at Degree, and the very first ‘challenge’ was to drink one big class of water at every meal. This simple step made SUCH a huge difference in everyone’s day!

Try it for yourself; you just may be surprised.

But Kelly, water is boring!
Is it? It’s a pretty basic molecule, but think of all the amazing things it does for your body!
 your digestive system works better your skin may become clearer, eyes more shiny than they already areyour mental capacity will improve (goodbye brain fog!)and SO much more.
It may be boring, but man, look at the pay off. 

Try adding some fresh fruit, or cucumber to your water over night to add a bit of flavour, and a fresh taste!
 What is the secret to improving your energy levels?
Start with water. Make that a habit, a non-negotiable, and then we can chat about the next step =)

Until then, drink on (H20, folks!) and keep being awesome,
Coach Kelly 

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