Brittney's inspiring journey

Brittney Hendriks


I was Training to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro so that brought me to CrossFit.

My first impression was probably being overwhelmed and unsure what I’d gotten into! But seeing how welcoming everyone was and how accommodating the coaches are if you need to modify a workout, changed that pretty quickly!

My first bright spot was probably when I was strong enough to be able to put weight on the bar!

I’m working on getting stronger and eventually being able to do a handstand!

My favourite Degree memory is the day I got my first rope climb! I was shocked!

Dylan's amazing time at Degree

Dylan Broadfoot


I was on reading week when the 2016 Open was happening, my sister and mom were in the open and asked me to come watch them do 16.1. When I saw how hard people were pushing themselves I knew I wanted to join. So when I got done school I signed up for the group On Ramp class, and started getting to work.

During my On Ramp I was watching YouTube videos of CrossFit at Big Sky Montana and watching Rich Froning and Dan Bailey compete, also watching the 2013, 2014 and 2015 games and seeing the men and women going through so much pain. It got me excited to get back into the gym and work. That is still true now when I rewatch any of the games or regional workouts I get excited to get back to the gym and start working on my weaknesses.

It’s hard to remember what my first bright spot was, the one that sticks out would be getting my first pull up in 17.2 workout in the 2017 Open.  Remembering the three months before the 2017 Open I started doing 1 on 1 training to work more on my pull ups.

I’m currently working on individual strengthening in prep for future competitions and to try and climb the leaderboard for Canada in the Open. In the hopes to make it to a much larger competition like the Canada East games or Granite games.

It’s hard to pick a single favourite memory, over my three years but to make it easy for myself, when ever the Open comes around, a competition I go to and any workouts that we do once a year. (Murph, 12 days of CrossFit, and Sisson)

Renee's Amazing Story

Renee Rego


I was working with a personal trainer out of town, and just not seeing the results I wanted.  I drove past Degree every morning on my way to work, and after several months of seeing it every day, I decided to book an intro.

Finishing my first class!!!  It was such a satisfying experience!

I was TERRIFIED!  Everyone seemed so STRONG and new exactly what they were doing.  I thought “There is no way I can do that.” After doing my one on one on-ramp, my views radically changed.  The coaches walked me through everything and made sure I had the basics down and the confidence to hold my own during group classes.  I realized we all started in the same place, and everyone was incredibly supportive.
I’m working on my upper body strength.  One day I will complete a pull up!

I can’t decide between two…  it’s a toss up between participating in Tough Mudder last year, and all of us going down the last slide as a group, or the 19.2 open workout.  I finished dead last in my heat, and it didn’t matter.  I was tired, sweaty, and ready to quit.  But everyone cheering me on to the last second was AMAZING and made me realize no one was judging me, just supporting me.

Ashley the AWESOME Spartan

Ashley Whelan


I was first introduced to CrossFit by my sister Ellen, who is also a member of the gym. My mom also goes to the gym, so they both encouraged me to try it out!
My first class was exciting, and I was very nervous. But I really enjoyed my first experience. My coach Matt was very friendly, and I felt very welcomed. I love going to the gym now! There’s a great sense of community, as everyone is always being encouraging and supportive.
I would say that every time I go to class I accomplish something new. I would say my first bright spot was when when I started doing my max weights.
I’m working on building up my strength, endurance and speed. I always try to keep up or with everyone else, but a small goal I would like to achieve is doing a pull up!
My favourite memory would be one of the days I participated in the Open. I tried my hardest and by the end I was exhausted but also felt extremely proud of myself. 

Joe DeKroon's awesome time at Degree

Joe DeKroon


What bought me to CrossFit was I had seen a bunch of stuff on social media and it was always in the back of my mind to try out. I’ve tried a few different gyms over the years but nothing really stuck for some reason like Degree did!

My first impression was nothing but positive. My 1 on 1 OnRamp classes were good to get a grasp of everything and everyone in the gym, it is one big family. It seems so as a newcomer I was a bit nervous about working out in front of other people but it’s a pretty judge free zone and everything can be tailored to where your at age or fitness wise which was mint.

Getting through a workout lol, my first real bright spot was being able to get the barbell on my shoulders to do a back squat. On a scale of 1-10 I’m a 0 for flexibility and could never do a back squat because my shoulder wouldn’t go back far enough. So after a few tips from the coaches and working on my flexibility in only 6 months I got it done!

Right now I’m just working on my flexibility and getting overall more fit. My body is slowly getting into better shape so I’m really trying to give it my all in classes to see some major changes hopefully for beach season!!

My favourite Degree memory is just feeling like a part of the gym. Everyone’s very welcoming and encouraging also love the way I feel after a workout I have more energy and it makes my day better it seems. 

Sandra's Awesome Story

Sandra Hunt


I started CrossFit after my Chiropractor suggested that the wonderful flexibility I had enjoyed my entire life would soon become a curse unless I took measures to stabilize my joints. His suggestion was weight lifting and CrossFit seemed like a perfect transition.

To be honest, I really wasn’t a fan initially. I was frustrated with the complexity and having to learn a new language (seriously why don’t they call a “power clean” a clean from the ground???). My solution was to stand at the front of the class so that I could hear and see everything. Once I became more familiar with the moves, my love for the sport has grown. The best part however is my CrossFit family. They truly make our class the best hour of my day and I miss them on the days I am not at the gym. 

My first brightspot was toes to bar they were a big thrill.

“Winter is coming”…..and so is Murphy. I want to start focusing on more cardio to help get me through the hero workouts that seem to pop up every long weekend over the summer.

My favourite Degree memory is any morning class when we get laughing.  It is the perfect start to the day!

Lindsay's Journey

Lindsay Barton


My fantastic friend Johanna kept telling me about this awesome place in Seaforth that she worked out at.

I always thought of CrossFit as heavy lifting, I have had lower back issues for many years and the thought of heavy lifting scared me.  I’m so happy to say that CrossFit has helped me to strengthen my lower back and decrease the issues I have had!

My first bright spot was my first WOD, I came to bring a friend day with Jo, I saw the work out and thought, hmmm, this looks intense….it was tough, however after I got through it, I had this amazing feeling of accomplishment!

It’s funny that I am on the “Trouble unders” Open team, as I’m working on double unders right now, I have a ways to go, but am confident I will get there.

Fitness is not new to me, however sticking to the same type of fitness routine is.  I have been coming to Degree for one year now. I was away on vacation for the past week, and it is always the memory of the awesome feeling I have after finishing each class that keeps me coming back!

Spartan Athlete Ben's Story

Ben tenHag


I Heard there was an athletics program and I wanted to try it out.

First impression was good atmosphere and my trainer knew what he was talking about.  Now, Coach Matt’s advice and training program has made me a better person and athlete.

I’m working on pushing my back squat to 300 pounds.

My first brightspot was getting first in Canada East during 18.1 scaled last year.

My favourite Degree memory is when I first started at Degree and was doing box jumps and almost broke my thumb but still landed the jump.

Becky's Awesome Journey

Becky Ulch


I have always struggled with body positivity…I would try to run or workout from home, and it would help for awhile but as everyone knows it’s “easy to fall off the wagon.” I knew a couple people who loved going to CrossFit at Degree, and when I knew I needed to do something for myself, CrossFit was something my mind kept going too!

My first impression of Degree was very welcoming – a place free to be yourself. I met with the owner, Kaleda, and by the end of my one on one conversation with her I was in tears. I didn’t know it then, but as time went on, I realized Degree is more than a place to lift heavy things, the coaches and athletes truly care, and want to know how you are doing inside and outside the gym.

My first bright spot would have to be getting a new PR In my deadlift! I love the fact CrossFit can measure progress in more than weight loss. It measures how strong you have become -nothing feels better than lifting something heavier than you did in the weeks before!

I’m working on trying to get my toes to bar/ handstand push-up. I love how the coaches break down any movement you struggle with, and help you work towards your end goal. 

My favourite memory at Degree is when we were at the end of a really hard workout, I was last in from the run and all I wanted to do was quit…but as I turned the corner the coach and all the athletes were outside of the gym clapping and cheering me on to finish!

Spartan Athlete Blake Poppe

Blake Poppe


What brought me to the Varsity Spartans program  was that I wanted to be in better shape and to be a stronger hockey player.

My first impression of the program was that it would be all work and no fun. It turned out to be all the work can be made to be fun. A lot of your speed and agility work is very fun.

My first brightspot was when I was able to push press 145 lbs.

I am now working towards getting my front squat to 290 lbs.

My favourite spartan memory was when we were doing the dot drill. Coach Matt said that Goalies shouldn’t be slower than the skaters and I had the second best time of the all Spartans. Also deadlifting 300lbs for the first time was awesome.

Susie Lubbers Story

Susie Lubbers


“After being quite sick for a year I was feeling better and we went on a family holiday.  Everyone was biking and I was consistently getting winded long before everyone else was.  I realized that I must increase my endurance and decided to join CrossFit.
I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up with what was expected of me. The first workout I did wore me out a lot, but before long I could do workouts and feel energized rather than drained
I never thought I would be able to lift heavy weights, do sit-ups, push-ups but I can!!!
We are focusing on working on jogging and weightlifting goals.
Kelly is amazing!  She always makes it fun and is so encouraging.  I think I always feel really proud of myself when I can do a workout better then I did before.  So those are definitely the bright spots.”

Costas Kollias's Story

Costas Kollias


A friend recommended CrossFit, and I wanted a change from the normal gym routine.
CrossFit is more challenging than I thought at first. It’s always been fun. You never feel like you wasted a workout. It’s Easy to push yourself with the coach and everyone cheering you on, every single class. 
The first workout I RX’d was my first bright spot.
I’m always trying to improve my mobility and always try to do lift more weight. 
The best memory at Degree so far would be Tough Mudder, although it wasn’t at the Degree gym it was with everyone at the gym and that made the experience better.

Lori Askett's Story

Lori Askett


“I chose to attend Degree CrossFit mostly for convenience. I wanted to support a gym in Seaforth. I was pleased that I could walk or drive to the gym if I wanted. I also loved how the schedule worked around my work schedule that includes day and evening shifts.
My first impression of the gym was that I wondered where all  the workout equipment was? And what was that contraption in the corner that I later would learn was the `rig`. I definitely felt intimidated. I would quickly realize that this is an amazing place to be and a wonderful family to belong to. So friendly and supportive. Everyone has helped me build strength and self-esteem.
I have many bright spots but the one I remember the most was participating and being part of the “Elemonaters“ doing CrossFit Open 2018.
I am now concentrating on building strength in my arms and shoulders. I hope to accomplish my first toes to bar. Yikes!!! Also, I feel good about working on my distance running and even achieving a couple of double unders!!
When I joined the Degree CrossFit Gym little did I know how many great people I would meet. I feel blessed to have so many new people in my life that I would never have met. Thank you to everyone!”

One of the OG's: Sam

Sam Klaver


My sister Danika actually brought me to CrossFit. We had seen lots of posts on Facebook and the float in the Seaforth Santa Claus Parade and we were both very curious. She convinced me to try it out with her when Degree CrossFit moved to Railway Street and the rest is history.

My first impression of CrossFit was that no matter your current physical state, you could do something, providing endless options and variety. I remember thinking how could a workout with a PVC pipe make me hurt so much! That was a great way to realize I had more to my body then I thought! I was totally intimidated in my first class, as I didn’t know anyone and was afraid when I couldn’t do something. Looking back, that was the silliest thing ever as everyone was learning new things, they just may have been different than what I was learning. Although I still see CrossFit providing lots of variety and endless options, I now realize that there is more than just the WOD (workout of the day) to it. Nutrition is something I have been learning more about and see how it often gets discredited or forgotten about, but can help you reach that next goal!

My first bright spot; that’s a tough one. There have been so many and the first one would have been around 3 years ago (which is crazy when I come to think about it!) Although I spent the first month just trying Crossfit out, the decision to keep coming back was huge for me as I found a great place to work out, have fun, meet new people and take on a new challenge every day, all without having to leave town!

I am working on the gymnastics type of moves, as that is definitely my weak area. So toes to bar, pull ups, getting upside down, are all on the top of my list to conquer.

My favourite Degree memory would be being apart of the winning team, Front Rack & Ass Attack, during our first Open competition. None of us had ever done any sort of competition like that, but we gave it our all, supported each other and showed insane passion, commitment and team spirit. That was something pretty cool to be apart of and is definitely a fond memory that comes up every time the Open comes around!

Chris Fry's Story

Chris Fry


My daughter and I had heard great things about Kaleda’s “garage” gym and we were excited to hear she would be opening a local gym.  I really wasn’t sure how it would go but the workout times were flexible enough to fit with my work and personal schedule and I thought I would give it a try.
I was hooked from the first WOD – everyone was starting at the same level which probably saved me – as some of the lifts/weight did seem somewhat intimidating.  I quickly found out that  it is a variety of moves that challenge you and are scaleable to whatever level you are at.  I think the weight lifting is my favourite part.  Running and skipping are my least favourite but they are always mixed in with so many other moves that I do enjoy.  Honestly it all rocks when you have great friends to do it with and wonderful coaches to watch over you while you are doing it!
Oh my goodness there are so many favourite memories and Bright Spots – first box jump, graduating from PVC pipe to 15 lb and now 35 lb bar consistently for all lifts, doing a proper burpee, but the best was my first CrossFit Open!  Intimidating workouts – oh yeh! What an adrenaline rush every week anticipating and carrying out the WOD.  The best was when I realized I got a break cause I was a “master” (first and really only time being over 55 really felt awesome)!
I am attempting to complete heavier lifts – I have always played it pretty safe and focused on just doing them properly.  I want to continue to push myself but also be aware of my limitations.  
The entire Degree experience, the coaches, the members and the supportive positive environment have been a catalyst to make me a more active and health conscious person.  It truly has become an addiction for me and one I am proud to be a part of!


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The Adventurous Nicole

Nicole Morey


Coach notes: Nicole has had huge success since starting at Degree. Not only is she discovering that she is stronger than she ever thought, and capable of so many awesome things – this girl has also become an integral part of our Staff! We had Nicole on our radar long before we were looking to hire a new Staff Member, and wanted to make sure we still give her a huge shout out! Take a read on some valuable words for this hard working, ray of sunshine… 
“A member from the gym asked me to do the OnRamp program with her and it was the best decision I have ever made! I was always scared to try CrossFit because it can be very intimidating at first but it has been the best thing for me. Since I have started my goal has changed, my initial goal was to lose weight now my goal now is to be healthy overall and hit new PR’s! I am proud that I go to every class even though it can be hard some days it’s always the best part of my day!  I also recently did Murph and finished so my goal for next year is to finish before the allotted time!
What I would tell people is very cliche, but, I would tell them keep going to classes and trying you will feel so much better and once you have the routine down it’s kind of hard to stop.  
I have a few goals that I would like to reach hopefully by the end of the year and set some new PR’s!”
Want to follow in Nicole’s footsteps? Book your No Sweat Intro Here to check out our gym and chat one-on-one with one of our expert coaches to develop a plan that’s right for you!

Meet Heather

Heather Percival


Meet Heather.
Heather has been working out at Degree 1-1 in Personal Training for just over 1 year. In this time she has gained strength, confidence, flexibility, healthy habits, most important, this busy Family Physician has carved time for herself. Heather is an amazing, selfless, kind-hearted, inspiring woman.
I was in a fitness funk, had been doing the same thing for about 3 years and weight was going up and shape was changing thanks to blessed menopause.  I had heard lots from my patients about how great Crossfit was and I had read several articles about how much better for fitness and weight loss using high intensity exercise with weight training was.  Then my son Stuart joined, and when I mentioned to him I was thinking of trying it, he very seriously said “Oh, Mom, I don’t think you could do it, why don’t you try yoga”
And the competition was on!

Initially my goal was to improve my fitness, to get my BMI down under 30 (that was a number harped on by everyone as being obese) and fit into a few pairs of jeans.  Now, I can really say it is not so much about the BMI and weight but how much I can lift, row and challenge myself so I am fitter (and yes I can fit in to those jeans now).  That and I really want to crush anything Stuart has done!
I am most proud of being able to consistently do full push ups-could never do more than 1 or 2 before.

If you could tell anyone who is struggling to keep a consistent exercise routine, or develop a healthy lifestyle, what would it be?

Two things stick out in my mind.  One, it is so much harder exercising on your own – a group or personal coach just gives you that extra push to get going.  All day we have to do things; work, laundry, cooking, so it is really nice to have someone else tell you what to do, for your own good, especially when they do it with a smile.  Even if it is just having a buddy to walk with 3 times a week, you keep each other on track.

Second, and this I harp at all the time in the office…it should NOT NOT NOT be about your weight, and yes, I admit, I fell into that trap as well.  We now know from research that it is not a person’s weight that ensures they live a healthy life, it is exercise and fitness level.  Exercising 150 minutes a week decreases your risk of an early death by 30-45%; no drug can do that (for example cholesterol pills decrease your risk by 1.5-3%).  The weight loss is a nice side benefit and it will come, but never make the focus “the weight” or you will get discouraged and we are realizing the weight does not matter.  So exercise for your health, because in all honesty it is better to be on this side of the ground.

When asked what’s next? Heather said this:
Well, my new years resolution was to learn to appreciate Burpees… Still working on that one, but I don’t hate push ups anymore!  Second, I want to be able to approach lifting my own weight – getting closer!  And, did I mention crushing any goals my son reached!

Joanna Elgie

Joanna Elgie


My Sister Jess and I started this adventure together with our OnRamp course in 2016. Jess, who lives in Seaforth, was just wanting to be more active and was starting to watch the foods she was consuming. I was living in Wingham and working in Mitchell and in the midst of moving back to Seaforth. Since working 2 jobs for the past 3 years to fill my time, I decided it was time to start concentrating on me and focusing on what I wanted to do. I decided it was time to stop being Joanna the nurse who cares for everyone else and works countless hours or countless shifts  in a row and start caring for me. the fact that I had my sister by my side to  start this adventure and to keep me accountable was all I needed.

My first impression of Crossfit was “Wow, look at all those girls lifting those weights” here I am trying do this with a PVC pipe and still be able to walk the next day (I will always remember my first week of Crossfit and how I could hardly walk or sit down from those squats!) I was also worried that I wouldn’t be at the same fitness level as others at the box.

Crossfit is part of my weekly routine. The atmosphere is so accepting to everyone no matter where you are with your fitness goals. I love how sometimes I can put weight on the bar that was just a little bit more then last time, I may struggle a little but is it worth doing if it was easy?

My first bright Spot I believe was getting my first double under. I was so happy after trying for so long!

I would like to say that I’m working on having my box jump consistently, but also just to maintain better form with my lifts and maybe better times for my interval training.

My favourite Degree memory so far? That’s a tough one. I would have to say that I really enjoyed the wine night as this was an opportunity to socialize with other members in the box and, of course, to drink wine! The rowing marathon is also a great memory for me. I remember being nervous about it, but again, being able to do something challenging with my sister and other great members of the box who were there to cheer each other on until the end.

Griffin St. Onge

Griffin St. Onge


Griffin is a founding member of our Varsity Program and exemplifies what is means to be a Spartan! He leads, he learns, he proves himself through his actions, not words. He puts in the work. Let Griffin tell you how the Varsity program has helped not only his hockey game, but his general health & fitness levels.

“I have been training with Coach Matt during the summer breaks and now full time for the past year. I have been working on improving core, leg, arm strength plus endurance and speed. I have been successful in improving all areas and that has transferred over into improving my hockey and varsity school sports.Coach Matt’s Varsity Program not only helps to improve and sustain my physical ability but equally as important it’s improved my mental toughness. Coach Matt is a great coach and has helped me improve both my physical and mental confidence”.

– 2017-2018 Huron-Perth Lakers Major Midget AAA
St.Marys Lincolns Jr.B -AP

"Creative Mama" Michelle!

Michelle Dunn


Michelle is a role model for her family, a hard working entrepreneur, a Power Clean Queen, and an overall great human being. Read more about Michelle and her Crossfit journey so far:

At 37 I found myself out of touch with my body, resenting my reflection and feeling all the wrong kinds of pain. I needed to challenge my comfort zone and push my limits. I also knew I couldn’t do it alone and would need the guidance and support of passionate people.
When I first started, I was terrified! Twice. At the first On-Ramp and then my first WOD with the members. But I have yet to attend a WOD without feeling guided by the coach or supported by fellow members.
One of my many ‘Bright Spots’ was my last On-Ramp session where I repeated the first workout of the program! I improved by almost 9 minutes. I was hooked.
This year my Crossfit goals are to work on my shoulder strength, and to generally speed up my pace.
My favourite Crossfit memory? That’s a tough one, it’s still so new and I love it all! I’m just starting my first open and am looking forward to looking back at this one.


Jackie Fritzley



“I was looking for a venue that challenges me, was bored going to a gym and doing the same thing day in and day out.

My first first impression was -I don’t know if I can do a lot of this stuff!  What had changed now is that I realize I can do it!  I just kept working on it and it will come.

I would have to say my first Bright Spot was participating in my first  CrossFit OPEN. My favourite memories have to be completing the first OPEN and having such a great network of coaches and members that continue to encourage everyone!

The things that I am working on right now are double unders and improving my squat.”

Coach Notes: Jackie recently competed in the Festivus Games at Degree CrossFit Seaforth, with her Team Mate Sandi Henderson. These ladies took GOLD in their division- they showed so much heart and dedication to their workouts and cheered each other on. Most of all- they had fun! And I think that’s why they won! 

Emily: 1 year in the Making

Emily Leyser


For years, I’d been looking for a fitness regime that I would actually stick to and nothing was working – I wouldn’t describe myself as self-motivated when it comes to fitness. When Kylie and Adrienne said they wanted to try CrossFit, I tagged along knowing that I would never try it on my own.

2) What was your first impression? How has that changed?
First impression – intimidated. After my first On-ramp, I was feeling pretty out of shape and was sore for at least a week. But, it was a good pain and I just reminded myself how much this would help me both physically and mentally.
Before my first class, I was so nervous thinking I wouldn’t be able to do what everyone else could do or keep up with them. Everyone was so welcoming and encouraging – they made me feel so much more confident … even with my 35lb back squat :p

Now, when I wake up and look at the workout for that day, I don’t worry about what everyone else will think if I need to scale a WOD because I know everyone is just doing their own thing … and if I don’t complete a WOD in the time limit, I know what matters is that I pushed myself as hard as I could.
Now that I’m a part of the Degree family, it’s no longer intimidating but a place of support, encouragement, and betterment.

I often struggle to recognize a bright spot when it happens – I get excited whenever I do something I didn’t think I could do… which is fairly often. But I’d say my first bright spot was being able to string together more than 5 double unders. Since then I’ve definitely been working on increasing that number.

Overall, I’m working on improving my cardio as that holds me back in workouts. But more specifically, I’m working on my DUs, improving to full push ups vs. from the knees, and I’d like to improve on pull-ups and other rig movements.

I’ve had lots of good times at Degree since starting in August, but I think my favourite memory to date is at Friday Night Lights 17.1, looking around and seeing how many people had come to cheer on those who were completing the WOD. The atmosphere was just electric and everyone was just giving it there all – it almost made me want to do the WOD a second time… though I thought better of it. Overall, I’ve had an amazing experience at Degree and I’m so happy and proud to be a part of our CrossFit family.

Hard Work Trumps all: Hayley M

Hayley McMahon


I needed to get off the couch and get active and was looking for something that would push me in a class setting where I didn’t have to come up with the workouts and push myself. I was living in Dublin and was hoping to find something close to home and was so excited when I found out there was a box in Seaforth! I signed up for the no sweat intro and the rest is history!

My first impression at Degree was WOW this place is awesome and Kaleda was so nice and was just so easy to talk to. I was so nervous going to the first meeting and had no idea what to expect but she made me feel so welcomed that I started my first on-ramp WOD that day! I was so nervous for my first real class as I didn’t know anyone and had no idea what to expect but after the first few minutes I knew that I had worried for nothing and couldn’t wait to come back for another class! I still love going every time and have made new friends and learned so much about myself and my only regret is that I didn’t join sooner!

My first bright spot was doing double unders in my on-ramp WOD right away after Kaleda had explained them to me and showed me what to do. She was so happy that I had done them and I remember having the biggest smile on my face like I had accomplished something so big! It was truly the greatest feeling and that smile comes to my face every time I do something incredible and big that I didn’t think I could do!

My future goal is to do a bar muscle up with bands and although it is a far away goal I work hard on my upper body strength so that I can get there! One short term goal is to do a toes to bar and make it look as easy as Lisa Z does! But for now I just give 100% at every workout and know that when I don’t feel 100% for a burpee workout that “It doesn’t get easier you just get stronger” and that if I get through that workout I will be stronger than I was before it.

I think it would be very hard to pick my favorite Degree memory as everyday there something happens that becomes a favourite, but the best would have to be that only 7 weeks into crossfit I did a 200lb deadlift and was absolutely shocked that I was able to do that! I am so happy to be a part of a gym that welcomes everyone with open arms and works with each person so that they can get the fullest out of each and every WOD!

Thank you so much for this honour I am so happy to be Athlete of the Month and to be apart of a place that is so awesome and welcoming and I look forward to crushing the rest of this OPEN with everyone! 🙂


Coach Notes: Hayley is an incredible person, athlete and inspiration to everyone in the gym. She doesn’t complain, she’s always smiling and always ready for the next challenge. I swear she even gets excited about some of the most gruelling workouts. She is incredibly consistent which has given her some amazing results physically and mentally. We love having you in our gym Hayley and I can’t wait to see what your future holds!  


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Laurie: Life of the Party

Laurie Dolmage


I was a previous runner, and had been running for about 6 years. Then I had some foot trouble from all the repetitive pounding on the pavement. I had heard a lot of talk about this gym on water street, and how hard it was to get in. When I heard Kaleda was opening it to the public…I was in.

I have loved the energy, the professionalism, the knowledge, the fun from the get go. Gotta tell ya I was so very nervous. I am older and smaller with no strength, not much agility, but boy did that change. There was so much encouragement. It still continues today with many friendships created and goals achieved, and continued successes. I also love all the new programs coming in the new year.

I hope Kaleda took a picture of my latest Bright Spot in last Friday’s workout. I think my first double under and ringing the bell are my first and favourite Bright Spot memories. I would have to say that the 2016 CrossFit Open is also on of my favourite Degree memories…amazing experience

While I’m really not working on anything specific right now … I go to the box to do the best I can and continue to surprise myself with little success along the way. All the help from the staff there is exceptional.




Coach Notes:

You always know when Laurie is “In da house!” She’s happy, she’s incredibly encouraging and honestly, one of the most pleasant people to be around. While Laurie has struggled with a few pre-exisiting injuries, she still shows up with a smile on her face, ready to tackle a workout in any way that she can. She listens intently to the Coach’s advice and knows her limits. Sometimes she needs a “Secretary” to keep track of her reps, but that’s always a good laugh! Laurie sometimes underestimates how strong she really is- she may be small, but she is most certainly not weak. Keep up the great work Laurie, we love having you in the gym and a as a part of the Degree Family! 

Mary Jane: The Strong, Silent Type

Mary Jane Greidanus


Here is what MJ has to say about her progress:
“After a not so great doctor appointment I saw this nutrition challenge on Facebook and thought this would be something to kickstart me into a better eating and exercise pattern. I almost talked myself out of it but went and was even more nervous after seeing what everyone was doing!  But I stuck it out, met a lot of great people who welcomed and encouraged all who came out and got hooked on CrossFit
My first impressions was-  holy crap “what did I get started with! I can’t do this”. Now love it! It is a challenge and learning to listen and feel to what my body needs to stay healthy and strong
While I can’t remember my first “Bright Spot” but one that stands out recently is fighting with overhead squats and finally it clicked. Still have to think about them but it comes easier to do them
Things that I’m working on now are form and doing the movements properly. Reminding myself it is not about the weight on the bar that everyone else is doing but what I can do safely and correctly. It’s about improving little by little and suddenly you don’t even realize you have moved forward with something you thought would never be able to do.”
I have LOTS of favourite memories. Meeting new people who make this a great place to be. Awesome coaches who support and encourage you. But the biggest is that this years blood work all came back in the healthy levels they should be at!
Coach Notes: MJ is very very very consistent when it comes to attending the gym. She has a set schedule of days per week she wants to come, rest days and she manages to fit it all in while still helping to manage the pig farm that she lives on. She’s a hardworking mother, farmer and CrossFitter. She was one of our very first Personal Training clients when we were still working out of the garage! She has made huge progress over the last year and continues to make progress. She is one of the few people who understand that major lifestyle changes don’t happen overnight, they take time, effort and consistency to make work- I think that’s because she’s a farmer- the patience that she has from that transfer so well over to CrossFit. Our MJ is never afraid of a little hard work, in fact, I think she likes it! 

James Wilbee: Resident Firebreather!

James Wilbee


Most members of the gym have a set schedule, we see them at the same time, on the same day, every week. James is one of the few who bounce around between the 6:30am and 5:30pm classes just to make sure he can get his workout in. We see James usually 5 days a week and he trains fast and hard. While you may not even know James is in class because he’s so quiet- you’ll know when he’s finished the workout because he’s the guy who’s cheering YOU on! He’s the one who finishes the workout and then runs another 400 meters just to run next to you with some encouraging words. He’s the one who will ask how many reps you have left and will help you break them up and count for you.

James pushes himself everyday with weight speed and mechanics. He listens intently, and always takes every piece of advice and puts it into action. You can literally see James analyzing every piece of advice a coach gives him.

For all of these reasons and more, James is our October Athlete of the Month!

Here is what James has to say about being chosen and why he chose Degree CrossFit Seaforth as his gym.


Thank you for choosing me, Degree has so many amazing athletes that are so deserving of this honour.

I had been hearing a lot of wonderful things about crossfit and was seeing the results of the hard work that members we
re achieving.  I have always enjoyed being active and wanted to push myself to new levels and goals.

My first impressions were positive. I knew immediately that Degree was a place where everyone was welcome and every effort would be made to make us feel included.  I enjoy the diversity of every work out and the fact that every skill is working toward a goal.  I don’t think that my first impression has changed, if anything it has been reinforced over and over again.  Seeing everyone reach new goals and personal bests, getting stronger and more confident, all as a result of hard work and dedicated coaching, tells me that I am in the right place.  A place where everyone cares about each other and you get as excited about another members personal best as you do about your own.

There have been so many “Bright Spot” moments at Degree, but the one that stands out the most is the first time I was able to RX a workout. In the future, a couple of my goals include thing like getting consecutive double unders and I would also like to get a muscle up. I think my favourite memory is my first CrossFit Open.  It seemed so intimidating at the beginning, but once we started and I could see everyone working so hard and having so much fun doing it, I knew that I would be able to get through it. I was so inspiring to see everyone cheering each other on and pushing each other to do their absolute best.

Thank you again for this honour, and thank you for passing on your love of the sport and providing a welcoming and inviting place for the people of Seaforth and area to go and improve their health and become better people.  You should be very proud of what you have built and we all look forward to seeing what the future will bring