My Open Wishes for You!

By Mairead Rodgers, RD PHEc

I’m taking a brief break from talking about nutrition and food and fibre because THE OPEN IS COMING and I hope you’re as excited as I am!

Here’s the deal: I love The Open! I love the suspense of watching the workout announcements and guessing what it will be. I love judging and cheering and seeing everyone crush it. I love pushing myself to do things I know I didn’t used to be able to do. And I’ve learned to love failing at things and using them to set new goals for next year. This will be my fourth year in The Open and I swear each year I love it a little bit more.

Here’s my wishes for you heading into this year’s Open:

  • If this is your first year with The Open, I hope you just enjoy the heck out of it and feed off of all the excitement at Degree on Fridays. 
  • I hope you get really excited. I hope you cheer on everyone and I hope you see how amazing all of our members are. I hope you wear your team shirt with pride.
  • I hope you try something you don’t know if you can do. Maybe you go Rx’d even if it seems hard (ask a coach first!). Maybe you try for your first pull-up. You will never get better at things by sitting there saying you can’t do them. You might get better at them if you try.
  • I hope you fail at something just a bit, and use it to set a goal for next year. Put that goal on the board, ask for help, and be so ready for the next Open. (Ask me what it’s like to be upside down for 6 minutes straight trying to do a handstand push up and failing.)
  • I hope you groan when the workouts come out, but you don’t whine. They’re designed to be challenging. That’s the point. If there’s something in it that you can’t do, just remember you just can’t do it yet. Maybe this is your opportunity to fail a bit and set goals. 
  • I hope you get to see how much stronger, faster, and more agile you’ve gotten. I hope you realize how that thing you just did used to be something you could not do or never thought you could do. I hope you’re so freaking proud of yourself and I hope you know how proud of you we all are. 

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