What’s better: Free Weights or Machines?

Written by: Kelly Miller

Walk in to any gym and you’ll hear many opinions on what is the best piece of equipment, or the best exercise for you. Now, if that isn’t confusing to anyone, than I don’t know what is.

A great question that we often get at Degree is what’s better: free weights (dumbbells, kettle-bells, etc.) or, machines (leg press, leg extension machine, etc.)

The answer? Well, it depends!

Free weights offer a more unstable environment for your muscles, joints and central nervous system. They are great to build optimal stability, and offer an added challenge.

Free weights can offer a more ‘functional’ fitness aspect in terms of being able to pick up a laundry basket with ease, carry an object a certain distance, or press something over head, like a carry on bag on a plane.

Machines can offer great isolation options, and can be a great asset to those rehabbing an injury, or needing a more stable environment for whatever reason. If specific muscle hypertrophy (growth) in certain areas of the body, machines can offer some great circuit style training options to achieve this.

Both can offer great workout options, they can both help you build muscle and get closer to your fitness goals.

The answer? Do what works best for you, and what you have available to you. Oh yes, and don’t forget to do what YOU love!

If you love using dumbbells, barbells, kettle-bells, and any other free weight style object – go for it!

If you love using machines, and that type of training environment – go for it!

As long as you are moving safely, seeing the changes you want, than who’s to say either is better?

You are unique, your goals are unique and what works best for your body and lifestyle will truly help you meet those goals, whatever they may be.

Now, let’s get moving!

Coach Kelly
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