Why CrossFitters Should Run

In almost any CrossFit gym, mention the word running and you’re likely to hear at least a few groans. CrossFitter’s are known to love workouts with multiple elements, lifting some weight and usually the workouts are pretty short! Running feels like he exact opposite- long, only one thing to do, and no weight at all. For some of us, running can even feel pretty hard if we don’t have the aerobics capacity to run longer distances. BUT there are many reasons why CrossFitters SHOULD be incorporating a little bit of running into their weekly workout regimen.

Increase your aerobic capacity

Light jogging, even 2-3 days per week can help to increase your aerobic capacity that will allow you to “go longer” in workouts. You won’t feel nearly as winded!

Flush out Lactic Acid

If you are doing CrossFit or weight training, running can be used as an incredibly effective recovery tool. After a day of heavy squats, you can go fro a light, moderately paced jog and it helps to flush out the lactic acid and you won’t be as sore, and your body will recover much faster.

Different Muscles

We all know CrossFit is a great workout, but we are usually focused on larger muscle groups, our primary movers – hamstrings, gluten, etc. Running provides a great opportunity to work and train some of those smaller, stabilizing muscles and tendons!

Burn a little extra Fat

Running only burns calories while you are actually doing the exercise, but you actually burn more calories per minute than many other forms of cardio like biking, walking, swimming etc.


Like any form of exercise, if you’ve never done it before, hire a training or join a club that can safely and effectively teach you how to slowly add in running to your current exercise schedule. That’s why we’re doing our Couch to 5 KM Program– designed specifically for beginners. Learn to run, safely, effectively and with a great group of fun, motivated people.

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